Game of Thrones 01×07 Recap

Near the Riverlands, Lord Tywin Lannister received Lord Stark’s letter. Ser Jaime reads it to his father who was gutting a stag (a symbol of the House Baratheon).

Lord Tywin was unhappy with Jaime’s unadvisedly attack on Lord Stark and because his son cared too much about other people opinions. Tywin gives Jaime a half of his forces, thirty thousand men, to bring them to Catelyn’s childhood home (Riverrun, a castle and the seat of House Tully, is located in the cenar of the Riverlands) for revenge. Jaime wonders why Tyrion’s life is suddenly so important to his father and Tywin explains him that even the lowest of the Lannisters is still one of them. Lord Tywin says that after all of them die, only thing that lives on is their family name. If Jaime does not succeed, they might end up vanished as Targaryens. The future of their family will be determined in next few months and Jaime must become a man he was always mean to be – a leader.

In the gardens of King’s Landing, Lord Eddard meets with Cersei and tells her that he knows that her brother is actually her lover. Cersei is not ashamed. She is proud of Jaime, with whom she shared a womb and now they are sharing a bad in order to keep a bloodlines pure, same as old Targaryen custom.

Eddard knows that Jon Arryn died because he found out that all three of the King’s children are actually Jaime’s. Cersei said that 17 years ago, she was very happy to marry a handsome young warrior like Robert was, but she soon realized that he was just a drunk in love with someone else. Then she decided to leave him to his whores and have children with someone who deserves her. He says that he will tell Robert the truth as soon as he returns from the hunt. He advises her to go as far from here as she could. Cersei thinks that Stark made a mistake by not claiming the Iron Throne for himself, but Eddard disagrees. Queen tells this that “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” There is no middle ground.

In one of his brothels, Littlefinger was teaching his new whore Ros how to please their southern customers. Soon, Ros and Armeca start mastering their skills on each other. Even thou he was invited, Littlefinger refused to join them because he was saving himselt for another woman. He confesses that he is in love, for the most of his life, in a woman (Lady Catelyn) who always looked him as a friend and confidant. When his beloved women was promised to marry a northern Lord (Brandon Stark, Eddard’s older brother), Littlefinger challenge him to a duel. He lost a battle, earned a scar and Lady begged her fiancee to spare his life. Later, before the wedding Lord was killed and Lady married his brother (Eddard Stark). That’s when Littlefinger learned that he can not win a fight planning by the rules.

In Winterfell, Theon Greyjoy tries to intimidate hardworking wildling Osha with stories from his homeland, the Iron Islands. He demands more respect from her.

Maester Luwin interrupts them and dismiss Theon. He asked Osha about events beyond the Wall. She told him that the White Walkers weren’t gone, they were just sleeping, but after millennia they have woken up.

On top of the Wall, Jon Snow and Sam Tarly are standing on the watch. They spot a horse without a rider and run to notify the others. This was Jon uncle Benjen’s horse.

In King’s Landing, Renly runs back from hunting with news that Robert was injured by a boar. Eddard goes to visit him and finds Robert advising Joffrey and regretting of not being a better father to him. When Eddard looks at King’s injury, he decides that it’s not a time to tell him a harmful truth. Robert tells everyone to leave the room. He and Eddard are now left alone and King demands to write his final will. Ned started writing a letter where King named him as the Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm, to rule until Joffrey comes to age.

But knowing the truth, Eddard instead of Joffrey’s name wrote ‘my rightful heir’. Robert signed. He had a change of heart considering Daenerys’ life. When Eddard left the room, on the hall were Grand Maester Pycelle, Varys, Lord Rently and Ser Barristan Selmy. Ser Barristan felt bad that he couldn’t protect the King, japanese movie, but he explained that drunken King commanded them to step aside. Ned says that no man could’ve preotected him from himself. As Varys pointed out, young Lancel Lannister was responsible for pouring him that much wine during the hunt. Ned tried to prevent Daenerys’s murder, but it was too late – Varys’ birds were already flown.

In Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys is determined to invade the Seven Kingdoms by herself. He tries to convince Khal to cross the Narrow Sea with ships they could buy in the Free Cities. He thinks that earth ends at the black poisoned sea and that no ‘chair’ is not worth crossing.

Later, Daenerys accompanied by Ser Jorah, Rakharo, Doreah and Irri goes to a marketplace. She is worries about her birthrights to the Iron Throne. Ser Jorah tells her that the Seven Kingdoms were not conquered by Aegon I Targaryen because he had the rights. He seized them just because he could. But, Daenerys believes that the key to his victory were dragons. Jorah isn’t sure that they even existed.

One of Varys’s little birds delivered Ser Jorah a message – a royal pardon. He can go home now.

Daenerys approaches to a merchant, who was more than happy to offer princess and a khaleesi a gift – particular vintage summerwine from the Arbor. Jorah immediately realizes that this might be a poisoned wine and demands from a seller to drink it first. The merchant tried to escape, but Rakharo whipped him down and stopped him.

At Castle Black, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont tells the recruits that today they must leave their past behind them and become men of the Night’s Watch. Tonight they will take their vows before their either new or old Gods. Jon and Sam, because new Gods – The Seven didn’t answer any of his prays, are the only ones that still honor old Gods. Lord Commander started assigning them to orders, but to Jon’s disappointment he will not be a ranger. Jon is sent to the stewards to work directly for the Lord Commander. Pypar is assigned to the kitchens, Grann to the rangers and Sam will be Maester Aemon’s personal steward.

Later, Jon thinks that this is Ser Alliser’s revenge. But, Sam tells Jon that Lord Commander maybe took him because he wants to groom him for command. Pypar confesses that he was actually sent to the Night’s Watch because he refused to have sex with a high lord, who later unjustly accused him of stealing a wheel of cheese for his sister.

In King’s Landing, Lord Renly – aware that Queen won’t listen to dying King’s will – offered Eddard, a new Protector of the Realm, a hundred knights to take Joffrey away from the Queen and into his custody. Renly knows that, unlike him, his brother Stannis, a ruthless solder, is not fit to be a King. Eddard doesn’t won’t dishonor Robert’s last hours by shedding blood in his home.

Eddard goes to his chambers and writes a personal letter to Lord Stannis. He tells his courier to sail directly to Stannis’s castle on Dragonstone Island and deliver this message only to Lord himself.

Littlefinger enters Ned’s chambers. Eddard tells him that King has no trueborn sons and that Joffrey and Tommen are Ser Jaime’s bastards. He says that when King dies, throne will pass to his brother Lord Stannis. Littlefinger think that Ned should make peace with Lannisters, keep the truth for Stannis and acknowledge Joffrey as king. Later, they together can reveal Joffrey’s secret and put Rently to the throne. Now, as both Hand and Protector, Eddard has all the power and needs to plan how will he use it. Eddard considers this treason. He asks Littlefinger to give him the City Watch that has two thousand men in order to protect King’s peace from Queen. Littlefinger says that when Eddard proclaims one King and Queen another, the gold cloaks will follow him – the man who pays them.

Near the Wall, Jon and Sam will take their oath before old Gods. Nearest Weirwood, a heart tree is a mile north from the Wall. They will now become a sworn men of the Night’s Watch.

Suddenly, Jon’s direwolf Ghost brings a severed hand he found in the woods.

In Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys is concern about her life and afraid from King’s assassins. Ser Jorah tells Daenerys that she is a threat to realm, because she is the last Targaryen and that her son will be a dragon with forty thousand riders behind him. The merchant, who tried to poison her, will receive his punishment by tying him to a saddle and dragging him behind horse as long as he can run.

Khal rewarded Jorah for saving his wife. He also decided to reward his son, the stallion who will mount the world, with an ‘iron chair’. Khal Drogo swore to take his Khalasar to the world’s end and across the black sea.

Tomorrow, Khalasar left Vaes Dothrak.

In King’s Landing, Eddard’s presence in the Throne Room was requested by King Joffrey and Queen Regent. Robert Baratheon is dead.

Littlefinger and Varys, along with Commander Janos Slynt, approached Eddard and told thi that the City Watch is at his command. Varys says that Lord Renly and Ser Loras have fled the city and headed south. They entered the Throne Room and see Joffrey sitting on the Iron Throne. Slowly walking with his cane, Eddard approached the new King, who immediately demanded to be crowned within the forthnight. Lord Eddard tells honorable Ser Barristan to read the letter with unbroken King’s seal where Robert names Eddard as the Regent and Protector of the Realm. Queen Cersei demanded to see a letter and, to everyone’s surprise, she tears it up.

She tells Eddard to bend the knee and swear loyalty to her son, and then he can return to the Winterfell. Eddard denies Joffrey’s rights to the Iron Throne. Queen tells Ser Barristan to capture him and Eddard commands Janos Slynt to instead capture Jofferey and the Queen. But, the men of the City Watch turn his back on Eddard and kill his guards. Eddard draw his sward when Littlefinger came to him from behind, holding a knife to his throat.

He did warn Eddard not to trust him.

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