When Lance Armstrong met Dan Bilzerian

He may be regarded as the biggest drug cheat super10 in the history of sport.

But Lance Armstrong still takes up the opportunity to pass on his wisdom – even if it is to a poker player who has thrown a porn star off his roof and tried to blow up tractors with homemade explosives.

The disgraced cyclist flew to Las Vegas to help the self-dubbed ‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian prepare for a bike ride that’s part of a $1.2million bet.

Lance Armstrong flew to Las Vegas to help Dan Bilzerian train for a cycle ride between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, which has $1.2million riding on it

Bilzerian, the son of a wealthy takeover specialist, has a wager with hedge fund manager and poker player Bill Perkins.

He has to pedal from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – roughly 300 miles – in 48 hours.

The ride will feature some tough climbs through the Mojave Desert. 

Bilzerian said he hadn’t ridden a bicycle 18 years, but was forced to get back on the saddle after betting with Perkins.

The poker player has had several heart attacks.

Bilzerian has a following of 7million people on Instagram where he has become known for posting images of scantily clad women, wild parties, and his extension gun collection.

His outlandish lifestyle has led to legions of fans and critics following his every move, which is all funded by his vast inherited wealth. 

The pair enjoyed a meal before they set off on the road to prepare for Bilzerian’s journey 





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The wealthy poker player showed off his gun collection to the disgraced cyclist on a tour of his house 

At the end of 2014 he found himself on the end of a lawsuit after model Vanessa Castano claimed he kicked her in the face in a nightclub.

Footage from the scene appears to show Bilzerian dancing on a stage in a club in South Beach, Miami, with the crowd below him, before he lashes out with his foot.

However, in March 2015, police said they were no longer investigating the model’s claims.

He was also facing a lawsuit for $85,000 in lost earnings after he threw pornstar Janice Griffith, 19, off the roof of his home and into the pool below.

Armstrong is seen trying one of Bilzerian’s rifles in the desert during the short video 

Bilzerian admitted that he hadn’t ridden a bike in 18 years after getting the wager from Perkins 

However she landed short, breaking her foot. She had tried to claim money for shoots she could not attend following the accident.

Bilzerian fought back, claiming the model grabbed at his t-shirt at the last second, nearly dragging him off the roof with her. The charges were eventually dropped.

Bilzerian is reportedly worth $100 million, making the bulk of his cash as a high-stakes gambler after developing his skills as a student at the University of South Florida.

He has won multiple tournaments, his most successful being the 2009 World Series of Poker. He is also co-founder of online poker room, Victory Poker.

Before gambling, he served with the Navy before eventually getting kicked out of SEAL training two days before graduating for offending an officer. He was ultimately given an honorable discharge.

He lives extravagantly with homes in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles,