Why You Need an Outdoor Fireplace

Aside from painting your home and adding a patio, you may think the outside of your home doesn’t have much to offer. There are grander schemes, of course, like adding in a pool or putting up some topiary. However, don’t forget about what an outdoor fireplace could do for not just your home, but your life. If you’ve never thought of installing one before, here are some simple reasons why you’re missing out in a big way.

Installation Is a Breeze

First of all, we should tackle how easy it is to install a fireplace outdoors. Obviously, if it’s going to be a major chore, no amount of benefits will convince you. As opposed to installing one indoors, there aren’t any walls that you need to tear down or otherwise alter when you want a fireplace out there. This also means you don’t have to worry about your carpet becoming dirty or your hardwood floors getting scratched.

Adds a New Dimension

Installing an outdoor fireplace can mean adding all kinds of new dimensions to your yard.Aside from the fireplace itself, there can be a:





All of these structures draw the eye to your outdoor area in a unique way. Of course, they can come with plenty of functionality too. The patio, for one, means you now have a place to set out chairs and a table for enjoying the lovely weather.

Get More from Your Outdoor Season

Speaking of the weather, when the temperature dips, most of us need to head indoors, even if you live in a warmer climate. However, if you have an outdoor fireplace, you may not even notice the temperature turning against you. This means you get more from seasons like spring and fall and more time with your summer nights. Plus, it’s a beautiful source of light that won’t block out the night sky.

Perfect for Parties

If you decide to install an outdoor fireplace, prepare to be the popular house on the block. You can’t expect to enjoy the outdoors that much and think your neighbors won’t take notice. The fireplace will also make your home great for hosting all kinds of parties. With the fireplace to keep your guests warm, you also don’t need to worry about a crowd heading indoors and causing a mess.

Choose Any Style You Want

If you’re having a hard time imagining your home with an outdoor fireplace in the yard, you haven’t seen enough of your options. These days, outdoor fireplaces come in as many designs as homes do. So no matter what kind of architecture your home is, there’s a fireplace you can put outside to match it.

One word of advice, here, though: it’s probably best to keep your styles consistent. A home that has a rustic look to it is going to look a bit off if it has a modern style fireplace in the backyard.

Don’t forget about decor either. With a patio added to the fireplace, you have all kinds of furniture to pick from as well. Treat this area like one big outdoor room and it will draw more than a few envious stares from the neighbors.

Heating Options

Style isn’t the only area you’ll have a number of options in when it comes to your outdoor fireplace. There’s also the fuel source to think about. Obviously, you can choose the classical wood burning type. Having this version chimney exhaust fans makes sense because you have less to worry about where a mess is concerned.

However, you can also choose to burn natural gas, butane, or propane. Unlike many of the indoor versions of these kinds, you don’t have to worry about their combustion producing too much carbon monoxide or releasing moisture in the air.


Many outdoor fireplaces can be used for cooking as well. S’mores may be the easy choice, but some fireplaces also serve as grills or even pizza ovens. You may never have to go back inside! The right outdoor fireplace can transform the outside of your home and even how you spend your time. Get more out of the warmer months and convert your home into a great place to entertain with this one simple feature.

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